Adults and Children

~ Sunday School  -  Our newly revamped Sunday School is an exciting place for your children and youth to learn about God. We have a godly and anointed group of teachers who are committed to helping our kids become the next powerful generation to serve the Lord.


~ Bible Quizzing  -  Our Jr. and Sr. Bible Quizzing teams are a great way to get your children into the word of God.


~ Young Ladies Ministry  -  The Young Ladies Group meet on a monthly basis for fellowship and spiritual connection. Our purpose is allow the younger ladies group to connect and build friendships.


~ Ladies Ministry  -  Our ladies are a vital part of Landmark. We have various Ladies meetings and fellowships throughout the year for encouragement and uplifting.


~ Seniors  -  Our Seniors Group meet once a month for a social gathering for the purpose of fellowship and friendship. This group event is a lively affair and is enjoyed by all.


~ Men’s Ministry  -  Our Men of the church meet bi-monthly for breakfast and a time of fellowship and renewal.